What is the Girls Youth Basketball Circuit (GYBC)?
The Girls Youth Basketball Circuit (GYBC) is the premier middle school league in North America offering a platform for top travel programs in the United States. The GYBC expects to be highly competitive, while featuring some of the best female basketball players in the Nation.
Who is eligible for the GYBC?
Elite travel basketball programs from North America that are invited and complete the entire registration process and adhere to all the rules and regulations of the GYBC. 
Is the GYBC grade based or age based?
The GYBC is a Grade Based League offering 4th-8th grade divisions.
Will birth certificates, player ID and grade cards be reviewed before GYBC competition?
Yes, all Coaches will be required to submit birth certificates, grade cards and player photo IDs at team check-in prior to Session I. This procedure will help to ensure fair play and complete Roster Integrity.
How does my team get an invite to participate in the GYBC?
All teams that interested in receiving an invitation to compete in the GYBC can submit a team profile to Our league administrators will review each prospective team’s qualifications and make a determination on team entry. Please make sure that the team profile includes past team accomplishments or any additional information that will help in the GYBC vetting process.
Is the GYBC sponsored by a sneaker or apparel company?
No, the GYBC is an independent league open to all teams independent of their affiliation.
Is this a Stay to Play League?
No, the GYBC is not a stay to play league. All participating teams will be required to handle or manage their own housing.
What’s the advantages of participating in the GYBC?
The GYBC is the premier youth girls’ basketball league in the United States and offers:
Top Notch Playing Venues
Verified Rosters
Teams representing various states
Premier Coverage
National Media Outlets
Post Season All-GYBC Selections
What’s the refund policy of the GYBC?
The GYBC has a NO REFUND policy.